The number one reason people don’t reach their goals is because
they never fully committed to them in the first place.

Let’s begin by looking at the word commit.


Commit: to bind, as by a promise: pledge: entrust, consign,

Too often people use the word “committed” rather loosely when
they are referring to their goals. For example, a person will
use the word committed when the reality is they are merely
“interested.” The difference in the meanings between the two
words is enormous.

Committed does not mean “interested.”

Committed does not mean to “try.”

To commit means to do and to keep doing, and to keep doing, and
to keep improving until completed, until you have succeeded.

The larger your goal is, the longer it is going to take to reach
your outcome and the greater the commitment it will require. The
longer it is going to take to achieve the goal, the more time
and opportunities there are for things to happen that invite you
to veer off course from your goal.

To succeed, you must learn to sustain your drive, and focus on
your goal without distraction.

Commitment is to your dreams what fuel is to an automobile.

A car cannot move forward without fuel.

Your greatest goals cannot be realized without your commitment.

You cannot be ambiguous about your dreams.

If you are 99% invested, you’re not truly committed. 99% is not

There is no power in 99%

Committed is 100% and nothing less.

Nothing magical ever happens without your commitment.

Would you want to be in a marriage with someone who is not 100%
committed? What about 99% faithful? 99% loving? 99% honest?

How much fun do you think that would be?

“If men or women contemplate an escape, they do not
collect all their powers for the task. In none of the serious
and important tasks of life do we arrange such a “getaway.”
We cannot love and be limited.” -Alfred Adler

Greatness happens when you are truly committed to something or
someone. People around you can feel it. Your burning desire is
contagious. Your determination is infectious. You can claim to be committed, but people observing you can tell whether or not you truly are.

When you are committed, not only do others become inspired to help you and support you,
but they also feel more inspired to go after their own dreams.
The collective effect of that type of synergy can move

“The number one reason people don’t reach their goals is because
they never really committed to them in the first place.” -Jill Koenig

Committed people don’t quit.

Even the best planning cannot predict every obstacle. Sure you
can foresee the possibility of some bumps in the road when
things don’t go as planned, but are you committed to find the
ways around them when those pesky problems arise?

People who are not committed are always looking for the exit
door, and because of that, they will never find the solution,
which is often right before their eyes.

Where focus goes energy flows.

Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

Focus on the solution. Focus on the goal.

Become a solution oriented person.

The human will is one of the most powerful forces in the world.
And where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you have the will and
the commitment, you will have the perseverance, the
determination, and you will find the way.

In the times when you are afraid, let your commitment be

Focus on your commitment.

There are millions of ideas and inventions that are sitting on a
shelf or in someones attic or even worse, in a grave somewhere
because someone gave up. Maybe they were one more action, one
more day or one person away from success, but they quit instead.
The world will be forever deprived of that thing, that gift that
was placed in them that only they could bring.

Perhaps it was a song, a book, a movie, a lover, a painting, a
company or something that might have changed the world for the
better. Some look at the Bill Gates, the Thomas Edisons and the
Oprahs of the world and think they had a more intelligence
or luck. What they were/are is COMMITTED. They had gifts, ideas
and talents and persisted. While en route to their vision, they
attracted and teamed up with other great minds, people who could
help propel that vision forward. When something didn’t go as
planned, they never considered quitting, ever.

When the hours were long and the money was short, their passion
and drive sustained them through every adversity.

Ordinary people want a guarantee before they will invest themselves. So they wait. They stop giving. They hope. They sit frozen in fear. They want proof in advance that there will be results and then they will commit. (so they never get the results, they sit on the fence and the opportunity passes them by).

Powerful people commit FIRST and make the way. They back it up with their actions. They ensure the results they desire by the depth of their commitment, their promises, their resolve and their deliberate actions.

Your persistence is your measure of faith in yourself.

If you wish to receive more from something, give more of
yourself to it.

What goals and dreams can you embark upon or renew with 100%

Live Your Dreams,

Jill Koenig

Author, Certified Goals Coach

Author’s Bio:

Jill Koenig, the “Goal Guru” is America’s Top Goals Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. She is an expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Peak Performance, and Business Success. Her Goal in life is to help you UNLEASH your untapped potential and achieve your goals. Get your FREE Goal Setting Worksheets at

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