Let me ask you, how did you begin your day today?

And how do you approach your week?

With excitement, confidence, and clarity on what you want to create? With positive determination, strength, eager to seize the day and opportunities before you?

Or with apprehension, dreading all you have to do?

Do you guide the direction of your week based upon your Goals?

Or do the circumstances of the week sweep you off track leaving you feeling like there’s never enough time?

I learned very quickly that Mondays are a crucial day.

“1/7 of your life is a Monday. Use it as a springboard to launch you towards your goals.” -Jill Koenig

Some people are going to have a rough week simply because they have not decided to create an amazing one starting right now, today.

Your Goal for Mondays should be to create as much momentum as you possibly can towards completing your Goals and objectives, creating measurable progress, advancing your mission, giving as much as you can and taking a bite out of life.

I call it  “Momentum Monday.”


Because Monday sets the tone for the remainder of the week.

When you create momentum now, it is actually easier to do what needs to be done later and the energy that your momentum creates actually carries you through.

Momentum breeds Momentum.

Momentum feeds your energy.

Momentum is contagious.

Here are some easy tips for creating Monday Momentum:

* Plan your entire week on paper in advance on Sunday evening.

* Get up a little earlier Monday mornings.

* Listen to an uplifting motivational or educational audio. You should have a list of things that you know will feed your mind and inspire you.

* Get your workout in early in the morning. (this will energize you to take on the day and you can even do this while you are listening to the audio)

* Look at your Goals. Rewrite them.

* Read newsletters and uplifting tips like the Live Your Dreams Newsletter. 🙂

* Drink lots of water and be sure to follow healthy diet and nutrition to keep your energy and vitality high  throughout the day.

My mentor once told me this:

“If it’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do.” -Jim Rohn

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a little time to be intentional in thinking about what you want for your life and to set your week up for success. And some people will breeze right past these strategies because they seem too simple and easy. But what we know about success is that every small step accumulates towards bringing about greatest outcomes.

The beginning of anything is always a crucial time.

The same applies to your week.

The first hour in the morning is the rudder of your day.

No one should be hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.

You should be popping out of bed like bread pops out of the toaster.

When you get off to a great start on Monday morning, the rest of the week will follow and you will breeze through the rest of the week with vitality and vigor.

What you do with your time and what time of day you do it is critical to understand in how it relates to Time Management, Productivity and Peak Performance throughout your day.

High performing men and women consistently apply this secret and advance rapidly in life.

Productivity is as much about having the right priorities and energy to create an amazing day full of momentum to build upon, which will lead to an amazing week, which leads to an amazing month, which leads to an amazing year, which leads to an amazing life… follow me?

Create a new habit of creating your own Momentum Monday ritual each week.

What it will cost you if you don’t?

Be unstoppable.

Live Your Dreams,

Jill Koenig

Author, CEO, Certified Goals Coach

Author’s Bio:

Jill Koenig, the “Goal Guru” is America’s Top Goals Coach. Author, and Motivational Speaker. She is an expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Peak Performance, and Business Success. Her Goal in life is to help you UNLEASH your untapped potential and achieve your goals. Get your FREE Goal Setting Worksheets at http://www.LiveYourDreams.com

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