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Jill Koenig

Jill Koenig, Author, Goals Coach, Founder of LiveYourDreams.com


About Jill Koenig, Founder of LiveYourDreams.com

I dreamed my entire life of creating a community for learning and growth for people like you and I, people who have a hunger for personal development and strive to create more balanced, joyful, abundant, fulfilling lives for ourselves and the people we love.

As a teenager, I dedicated my life to the service of others, first as a Firefighter/EMT, and later as I grew and evolved, I served others an Entrepreneur and Goals Coach, but it hasn’t always been easy. I knew what I wanted for my life, but I didn’t always know how to get there. I often felt like a late bloomer, the underdog, like the odds were stacked against me in just about everything I aspired to achieve and create, however, I didn’t let it stop me from going after what I wanted. Along the way in my quest to create my own personal, professional, and financial breakthroughs, I found I had a gift for identifying patterns, assimilating information and experiences, and systematizing the fundamentals and processes to help lead and empower other people to create their own remarkable life transformations as well.

I understood at a very early age that goals were the tools of champions and that if you could envision a brighter future, and you were truly committed, then you could certainly create it. I also learned that having a vision was just the first step of any meaningful undertaking and without a formula that was proven, that could be replicated in every area of your life, even the highest vision wouldn’t have much power, so I used my own life as a laboratory for testing and creating success systems for rapid personal and professional achievement.

“There is no greater power than the power within you.” -Jill Koenig

I went from a lifetime of poverty to starting my first business with $100 at the age of 25 and earning my first million dollars by age 30. I learned that more important than the money I earn, is the person I become in the process. I attracted and created a circle of loving and supportive friends to share the journey with. I learned how to become a more resilient person, and overcome the inevitable setbacks and challenges that appear along the way and use them as tools for even greater empowerment and transformation. And just by following my own heart, my curiosities and ideas, and expressing myself in the service of others through my writing and coaching, I attracted the attention of like minded people from around the world, like other thought leaders, professional athletes, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, and people from all walks of life who participate in our coaching and programs, our online courses, and even several Fortune 500 companies that use our toolbox to improve the quality of their employees lives, too.

My life is my message. I am honored to have been invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show at the age of 23, as well as hundreds of national television and radio programs to share my life experiences and expertise. I rose from a kid who grew up with no running water in my family’s home to a successful business woman who rubs elbows with Presidents of countries and leaders of companies, working alongside people who are constructively shaping the world we live in. If growth like this is possible for me, then it’s possible for you, too.

Jill Koenig Live Your Dreams

Jill Koenig interviewed by John Kasich on the Fox News Channel


“Live Your Dreams” isn’t just a mantra or a motto, it’s a way of life. It’s a commitment to oneself to live according to your highest vision and to make the commitment to a lifelong quest of developing your full potential and your greatness in every area of your life.

“Results will show up when you do.” -Jill Koenig

LiveYourDreams.com is the community for goal achievers. It’s THE place where you come to master your mindset, feed your soul, and be reminded that when you show up for yourself, and you make the investment into your goals and dreams of your time, energy and resources, you send a message to the rest of the world that you are here, you matter, you value yourself, your life has meaning and purpose and you’re here to claim it. I believe the greatest contribution you can make to the world and the people you love is to live your truth, while being an example of a whole, fulfilled, joyful, and content person within.

I’m honored to be your guide. Through our blog, free videos, Goal Setting Worksheets, planners, online courses, live events, workshops, podcasts, world class newsletter (be sure to subscribe), books, ebooks, and even our apparel that you can proudly wear at work and play, I’m here to remind you every single day that anything and everything you desire is possible for you. I’m thrilled to be your friend, part of your team, your tribe,  and your cheerleader every step of the way, to help you achieve your goals and fulfill the highest vision for your life.

Live Your Dreams,

Jill Koenig





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