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Jill Koenig Why You Must Set Goals

Are you a student of success? I’m guessing since you are reading this, you probably are.

I have been a student of success for as long as I can remember. For decades I have asked the question, “What makes one person succeed and another person struggle?” Even in my childhood I was a virtual sponge. I noticed the words, behaviors, and patterns of the people around me and the results they manifested.

I have committed to a lifelong study of success, to learn what works and what doesn’t work so that I might duplicate positive thoughts and habits in my own life and share those lessons and observations with others. It pays to study success. It also pays to study failure (your own and other’s) to avoid unnecessary mistakes and the pain they bring. Mistakes and missteps are inevitable, and failure often provide as much benefit as success as long as you are paying attention.

Most high achievers I have studied took 100% responsibility for their life and made a concerted effort to learn the art of goal setting. Most goal achievers invest their own time, energy and financial resources. Many have joined clubs, communities, organizations and hired a coach or mentor to further instill the mastery of this crucial life skill.

There are literally hundreds of ways goal setting benefits your life. I have identified the top ten to serve as a reminder the many ways you can gain more control over your life and why it is crucial that you do whatever it takes to learn and master the art of goal setting.

The 10 Biggest Benefits of Goal Setting

1. Greater Peace of Mind. There is nothing in the world like going to bed at night knowing you are investing the days of your life in the areas of your chosen endeavor. Nothing brings you greater peace of mind than having the certainty that you are consciously creating your destiny, living a life of your own design. Goal getters realize that you create your life goal by goal. If you want a better life, set better goals.

2. Clarity of Purpose. Having carefully chosen goals gives your life greater meaning. Show me a person who doesn’t know their passion or purpose in life and I will show you a person who either has no goals or pursues goals with no personal challenge or meaning. People who actively and systematically pursue meaningful goals feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. What you are doing right now is either taking you way from or towards your dreams. Goals help us navigate throughout our journey. Our goals are a reflection of who we are.

3. Greater Productivity and Focus. People with goals direct their day, instead of their day directing them. People with goals know their desired outcome and are less likely to waste time on unimportant matters. When you know your outcome, you avoid distraction. You understand the people and pursuits that feed your desires and those that do not. You know where to invest your time and energy. You also learn where NOT to spend your time.

4. Greater Personal Growth. Each time you pursue a new goal outside your comfort zone, you contribute to your own personal growth and advancement. Pursuing goals causes you to stretch and learn about yourself and the world around you. What was once difficult often becomes easier and you long to conquer new heights. Nothing in the world will give you a zest for life like consistent growth.

5. Higher Quality of Life. Quite simply, people who have goals get more out of life. The more life you give to your goals, the more your goals give life to you. Having goals means you value your time and make the most of it. When you know what you want and have a plan to get there, the journey is a lot more fun than having no goals and no plans. Having goals makes life easier. People who set goals are happier and more fulfilled. When you are happy and fulfilled you take loving care of yourself and have more of yourself to give to the people you love. Happy, fulfilled people attract other happy and fulfilled people.

6. You Attract a Higher Quality Peer Group. People who have goals and are moving towards them are energized and full of life. When you have goals for your life, you attract other people who have goals of their own. And we are well aware of the power of association. You become like the people you hang around.

7. Increased Confidence and Self Esteem. Each time you make a commitment to a goal and invest the very best of yourself towards it’s attainment, you gain more confidence and self esteem, regardless of whether or not you achieve the goal. Your subconscious mind knows that you gave your all and that strengthens your confidence muscle. Progressive action always leads to growth and greater fulfillment. People that do not set goals never venture outside of their comfort zone. Deep down they know they are not realizing their potential and feel bad about themselves. People with goals are fully alive and dare to take risks that elevate their place in life. Whether they win or lose, they learn and grow.

8. Contribution to Others. Whether or not you know it, someone looks up to you. If you have children of your own, they are like little sponges, absorbing the words you speak and the actions you take. Your behaviors serve as model to the people around you. Maybe it’s your sibling, a coworker or even a kid down the street, someone looks up to you. Every time you set a goal and act on it, you serve as a shining example of a person who is moving towards realizing your full potential in life. Whenever you pursue a goal, you inspire others to do the same.

9. Goals Help You Become a Better Person. Don’t set goals for what you can get. Set goals for what they will make of you. Set goals for who you become along the way. People who set goals and follow through, develop the skill of overcoming obstacles. People who follow through on their goals and commitments develop an inner strength and unshakable character. People who do NOT set goals never discover how great they can become. They never awaken their dormant gifts and talents. Whenever you set and commit to a goal and follow through on your commitment, you strengthen your character and personal integrity.

And finally what is perhaps the biggest benefit of setting and pursuing goals…

10. For the benefit each individual goal will bring to your life. As you begin to master the art of goal setting, every goal you set brings it’s own unique positive result or benefit to your life. When I work with private coaching clients, before they set a goal, I ask them to determine 10 deeply compelling, personal reasons why they must achieve the goal they are considering setting. When you do this, you give yourself all the clarity and motivation you need to fuel you beyond obstacles, all the way through to the goal’s completion. If you cannot identify the benefits in advance, you probably would not bother setting the goal the first place. You can visualize your outcome by reveling in the results before they occur.

Once you master the art of setting and achieving a goal, you can have anything you want in life… anything.

So if you have not given yourself the gift of learning the art of goal setting, perhaps it’s time.

If not now, when?

Live Your Dreams,

Jill Koenig
Founder, LiveYourDreams.com

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